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Q Asia Pacific - Strategic planning

Strategic Planning

At Q Asia Pacific, we understand that our clients want to prudently protect and grow assets accumulated over a lifetime. Therefore, our investment philosophy, coupled with our Integrated Wealth Solution service plan, emphasizes careful risk management and strategic planning. Using our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ needs, we develop custom investment portfolios based on Nobel Prize principles, academic research, and current trends to deliver the highest return potential per unit of risk taken.

The focal point of our philosophy is globally diversified “Core and Satellite” portfolio construction. In studying the relative impact of various investment methods over time, our conclusion is that using a combination of active, passive, and diversified strategies greatly assists in lowering portfolio risk, reducing unnecessary costs, increasing tax efficiency and maximizing expected results.

Q Asia Pacific - Offshore banking

Offshore Banking

Why incorporate?

The historical and the continuing primary attraction of incorporation is to limit the liability of investors. 

Using companies to mitigate tax. 

Because a company is a distinct legal entity, profits received by a company will be taxed applicable to the company so a resident of a high tax country may set up a company which is subject to low or zero tax and arrange for profits to booked into the name of that company thereby making a saving equal to the difference between the corporate rate of tax and the shareholder personal tax rate. 

What is offshore? 

The offshore islands off the coast of Europe and North America were the classic offshore financial centers (OFCs). They were characterized by low or no taxes and less onerous ownership requirements.

Q Asia Pacific - Risk Management

Risk Management

Our Asset Management capabilities include the management of various types of asset classes, general portfolio construction, risk and benchmark management.

In addition to the generic range of products available to institutional clients, a Customized Solutions team also exists which focuses on the development and customization of products and solutions to suit the specific requirements of clients. These include funds or clients with legislative or regulatory restrictions, specific cash flow requirements and/or specific product preferences.


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