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Q Asia Pacific has the ability to offer clients a broad range of investment choices, such as brokerage services, in full confidence and privacy. With the execution, clearing and custodial support of our clearing broker and its offices in New York, Chicago, Canada, Tokyo and London, we are a one-stop source for an array of financial products: equities, fixed-income securities, options, mutual funds, futures trading and more.

Investment products

Q Asia Pacific bullet 1Investment Management

In today’s busy world, savings can be a neglected option. Starting to save regular, now, while you have some surplus income, gives you the opportunity to achieve future goals whilst providing financial security. Our Managed Savings Accounts have the flexibility to meet your needs in providing for your children’s future, mortgage repayments, or simply saving to make your dreams a reality.

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Q Asia Pacific bullet 2Portfolio Management

Serving the discreet needs of high net worth individuals and trust clients, Q Asia Pacific provides privately managed investment services. Our primary objective, as financial advisor to these accounts, is to develop well-balanced portfolios of appropriate investment assets that specifically match the complex risk profiles of our clients. Our sophisticated asset allocation techniques, along with constant monitoring of accounts, ensures that each client maintains a proper diversification through changing global market conditions.

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Q Asia Pacific bullet 3Retirement Planning

For people in all walks of life, retirement can be an uncertain prospect. At the very least it raises all kinds of questions concerning personal financial stability and the maintenance of living standards. For those whose work takes them away from their home country, or whose work takes them to a number of different countries during their career, the uncertainty is increased.

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Q Asia Pacific bullet 4Estate Planning

Estate Planning means giving some time and thought to what will happen to your money and assets (your estate) when you eventually die. Unlike the need to save for retirement or for the costs of educating your children which are self evident i.e. we know when they are going to happen so we know when we should start saving, we do not know when death will occur and death is something that we do not like to think about. Therefore planning for what may happen at this time is easy for us to postpone.

Unfortunately there is a price to pay for this postponement – Death Duties. In the UK it’s called Inheritance Tax, in the USA it’s Estate Tax while in France it is called Estate and Gift Tax. However, in the vast majority of countries around the world there are some form of Death Duties.

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